Do Your Own Board

Make a wooden Penny Board //

SUMMER 2020 //

2 days Workshop

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Contact us via email or ask for the project at : Search and Destroy Skate shop (Oranienstraße 198, 10999 Berlin)

Je suis Flou de toi!

LuciFross x FAZE Models Berlin 2019


// 2019 // Shooting session with the Milano based photographer Alessandro Rosato and Yulia at Nikita’s showroom. He plays with shadow, silhouette; works really good with the space and the furnitures. A refaire!

Using Nikita & Co space to shoot the Portrait, check out his video —> Portfolio video and more


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Special Request


In October 2016, Marc Helfers (film director) give us the opportunity to do an artistic background in a music video for Berliner singer Jonas Monar.

Using Nikita & Co space to shoot the scene, check out the official music video “Playlist” —–> Youtube/Video   AND Our Page


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Winter Session

Working during this winter 2014/2015 on Portfolio Moleskine© // Collage in colour // Pool of white paint // Black // 18 pages // Pocket format

Nikita&Co Presents: Ali Maïga Nouhou

Ali is one of the 5 trainees at CUCULA (Refugees Company for Crafts and Design) // It’s an association, a workshop and an educational program all in one. It is for and together with refugees in Berlin. 

All our Pocket Portfolio will be made for the 5 refugees who actually are working there, included Maïga, Malik, Moussa and Saidou.

” A great number of volunteers are supporting the team. It is only with their tremendous support, that the ‘CUCULA’ idea can become reality.”

Ali by NiKi

Ali By NiKi

Check his full work here

Installation / Inside / Köpi 55

During the open doors at Köpi 55 (N.W.B), NiKita & Co was outsider. U.V Installation with old posters + plastique dummy in the stairs of the bulding. Often working with other artists, Ka ( resident from Electron Libre in Paris) join us for this installation.


Poster from the street / UV paint, lamps / Black background paper  (cut in triangle)/ Spray / Glue / Sound installation (Air + The Chemical Brothers)


Ka (Electron Libre )




Other pictures of Jacqueline (the plastique dummy) coming soon!